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   My name is Robin and I breed AKC registered Mini Dachshunds. In 2005, because of the admiration for the breed I started with the two pictured below, Rosie & Poopie. Breeding and keeping my Doxie's healthy and happy is very important to me. All of our Doxie's share our home and are smart, healthy, loving, playful, and protective companions. When born all of the pups are kept with the Mom for feeding to ensure their health. When you purchase a pup from me you can be sure they will be healthy, playful, socialized, wormed and up to date on shots. You will also receive a copy of the pups Florida Vet Health Cert, the AKC registration application papers, and Eukanuba puppy pack. Call or email for pricing.

  We do not ship our pups due to the stress and health issues that are involved and reserve the right to sell our pups to whom we choose and deem responsible Doxie lovers.  After you reserve one of our beautiful pups you are able to visit them every weekend after 4 weeks of age until 8 weeks and their pickup date by scheduling an appointment with us. We are located in Jacksonville, Fl. 32225 and have had customers pick up Doxie's from us from as far north as Virginia and west to New Orleans, La.
   All of our pups will have Florida Health Certificates that are issued by a licensed veterinarian which are valid for 30 days. The purchaser has 10 days from time of receipt to have their puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian. This is to allow the new owner time to have his vet examine the pup for a clean bill of health. Failure to have the puppy examined by your vet within this time period voids all guarantees. Should the licensed veterinarian find the puppy unfit for purchase due to health, congenital or hereditary disorders only, within time period, we will provide a replacement puppy from the next litter or issue a full refund. (This excludes any injury the pup may incur while under the new ownership.) A notarized letter from the veterinarian must be provided explaining any medical problems.

  We have passed all of our AKC Kennel/Breeder Compliance Inspections conducted with  NO DISCREPANCIES. Reports are available for viewing as are all of our Dachshund's
AKC Certified Pedigree, and Koko's AKC certified DNA results.
WEEKLY UPDATE-  10/18/2017

Hello Everyone,  
  Jade had her pups September 4th, two red girls and a red and blue tinted little boy. All of Jade's beauties are reserved. Jade is taking care of her beauties as you can see on the Pups for Sale Page.

  Princess had her pups September 15th, 1 red girl and 3 red little boys. All of the Princess' beauties are reserved. Princess is taking care of her beauties as you can see on the More Pups for Sale Page.

 Zoey had her pups September 22nd, 2 red little girls. Both beautiful little girls are reserved. Zoey is taking care of her beauties as you can see on the More Pups for Sale 2 Page.

  Ruby had her beautiful pups September 26th, 2 short hair red little girls, 1 short hair light red little boy, 1 medium hair red little girl, and 1 medium hair red little boy. All of Ruby's beauties are reserved. Ruby is taking care of her beauties as you can see on the More Pups for Sale 3 Page.

  Keep checking the website for litter updates and send an email from the "Contact Me" page from the website if you would like to be added to the puppy notification list. Don't forget to add your email address to the contact info form.


Future Litters: 


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Florida Dachshund Rescue

Florida Dachshund Rescue
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Rosie & Poopie

Rosie is a short haired mini red Dachshund and Poopie is a long haired mini red.  We began this journey with them a few years back when our first Doxie, the original Poopy passed on.  After a few years these two had a few litters and we kept 5 of their females, Lady, Daisy, Lilly, Star, and Diamond and one male Wags. So we fixed Poopie and his son Wags because of the breeding issue.  We added a new male to breed with our fem
ales, his name is Camo. Camo is a long haired black, silver and tan dapple mini that is DNA profiled by the AKC. All of our Doxie's are AKC registered and all of their papers are available for viewing. Our breeding females are  Carmela, Snowy, Zoey, Princess, Jade, and Ruby. We also purchased another male for breeding purposes because Camo cannot breed with these females. His name is Koko, he is a longhair red with a white tuxedo chest. I have added some pics of him to the Dad page. We have fixed Camo after his last litter. He was a great, dependable sire with 25 litters under his collar.

KoKo & Princess 3/5/2016

                               A little about Dachshunds
    Independent, yet devoted. Focused, but adaptable, rough-and-ready field dog, yet champion snugger. Long and short. The Dachshund is a breed of contradictions, and devotees wouldn't have it any other way. Their versatility is a big part of their appeal, and there is a fit almost anyone’s needs. They are active and love to be outdoors, but they are also good apartment dogs. Whatever you want them to be, they will. The most recognizable characteristics of the breed are their long backs and short legs. The distinct “long and low” look is perhaps why Dachshunds have been prevalent in popular culture, from the famous Picasso drawing, to starring in advertisements for Schlitz Beer and Kohler sinks, to movies such as Disney’s 1966 The Ugly Dachshund and Woody Allen’s Manhattan. A Dachshund named Waldi was the first official Olympic mascot, for the 1972 Munich Olympics, chosen because the breed represented the traits of the ideal Olympic athlete: endurance, tenacity, and agility. They may be known as the “wiener dog,” but Dachshunds are so much more than their silhouette.

  Dachshund Sacrifices Life and Saves Men from Bear Attack

means badger in German, and this badger dog was first bred in the early 1600s by Germans who wanted a dog to hunt underground. Short legs mean easy access to a quarry’s tunnel, and the longer a dog’s rib cage, the more air it can process while underground; some hunting stories tell of Dachshunds remaining below the surface for up to 12 hours while in pursuit. Yet lower is not necessarily better: Dachshunds often needed to force themselves past a root, rock, or other tunnel obstruction, and need enough clearance to run over rough fields. Hunting suitability explains many of the breed’s other characteristics, detailed in the standard: a loud bark (to be heard while subterranean), keen nose, strong jaws and teeth, high-set ears (that can be drawn out of the way

of prey), and a body that is strong and cleanly muscled. People are amazed when they pick up a standard Dachshund that’s 22 pounds. They aren’t expecting it to be so heavy, but they are heavy-boned dogs. Speculation abounds on the origin of the Dachshund, with some believing ancient Egyptian engravings depict the earliest short-legged hound. What we do know is that the first standard was drawn up in Germany in 1879, and the AKC recognized the breed in 1885. The dual nature of Dachshunds—hunting athleticism, yet lapdog size—fueled the breed’s spread once they were introduced to America. In 1895, the Dachshund Club of America became a member club of the AKC.

   During World War I, though, the dog’s German heritage was held against it. Dachshunds became symbolic of the enemy in cartoons and propaganda,
and their popularity plummeted. The AKC even changed the official breed name to "Badger Dog". But like the Dachshund's irrepressible personality
itself, the breed could not be kept down. American kennels were re-established after the war, and from 1930 to 1940, Dachshunds advanced in rank from 28th to 6th among AKC registrations. Constructive public relations kept World War II from having the same negative effect on the breed, which
has consistently been ranked in the top 10 for popularity since.

   In appearance alone, the Dachshund’s variety helps explain its wide appeal. It comes in three coat types(smooth, long hair, and wire hair), two sizes (standard and miniature), eight colors, and five coat patterns (dapple, double dapple, brindle, piebald, and sable). You can do the math on the number of potential looks. You do have a lot of choices. The long haired, believed to have resulted when a smooth was bred with a spaniel, sheds the most and needs the most brushing. Next easiest in care is the wire haired, a result of breeding a smooth with a terrier. The smooth’s coat requires the least maintenance, although they tend to dislike going out in wet weather, due to lack of undercarriage protection. Beyond looks, the range of the

   Dachshund’s abilities contributes to their popularity. Those that don’t truly know the breed might accuse them of being stubborn, but you have to let them think what you want them to do is their idea, make it fun for them, most of the time they will shut down if you use negative correction. Although owners generalize dis-positional differences among the sizes and coats, all agree that Dachshunds are inquisitive, bold, devoted, and fun-loving. The misconceptions that Dachshunds are aggressive or not good with children likely stem from those who haven’t known one. It has to do with how they’re brought up and their environment. It also has to do with how well they know you. Most Dachshunds do not make the best of themselves with strangers they rarely wear their heart on their sleeve and are not, as a breed, forthcoming with those they do not know. Yet for those they do know, or own, it’s an entirely different matter, if you don’t want a dog that follows you everywhere you go and is almost always underfoot, the Dachshund is probably not for you. Dachshunds just love to be with people, and it is as simple as that. Their love and devotion to you can be almost too much at times, but not for long.


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